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47 Ways
to Make Your Home Sell Faster
1.      Remove clutter from each room: stacks of paperwork, toys on the floor, etc. 
2.      Open the curtains and blinds and let in the light. 
3.      Change to the highest wattage bulbs your fixtures allow and turn on the lights.
4.      Keep your home dusted and vacuumed at all times. 
5.      Put most of your family photos in storage. 
6.      Hide extension cords and exposed wires. 
7.      Draw attention to the fireplace in some manner. 
8.      Air out your home before showings. 
9.      Remove all smoke and pet odors. 
10.   Make certain kitty litter is fresh and out of sight. 
11.   Empty wastebaskets. 
12.   Open doors to areas you want buyers to see such as walk-in closets. 
13.   Clean all windows, inside and out. 
14.   Make certain all banisters and handrails are stable. 
15.   Place plants in transitional areas of the house. 
16.   Create a spacious, inviting entryway.
17.   Replace the carpet if stains cannot be removed. 
18.   Putty over holes in walls. 
19.   Paint walls a light and neutral color. 
20.   Strip any wallpaper that is blemished or torn, then paint. 
21.   Clean all light fixtures and polish to shine. 
22.   Clean out your attic and garage. 
23.   Have a system in place to get the house in order quickly for showings. 
24.   Create a light aroma of vanilla in the home 20 minutes or so before a showing. 
25.   Set dining areas with linens, plates, flatware and stemware as if for a meal. 
26.   Place a bowl of colorful fruit or a vase of real flowers as a centerpiece. 
27.   Make your kitchen immaculate and sparkle. 
28.   Remove most items from kitchen countertops, including small appliances. 
29.   Clean bathrooms thoroughly. 
30.   Remove personal items from bathroom countertops.
31.   Put toilet lids down and make sure linens are fresh. 
32.   Wipe down sinks and countertops. 
33.   Carefully re-caulk around the bathtub if it is not bright white. 
34.   Hang fresh, coordinated towels. 
35.   Put out decorative soaps in bathrooms. 
36.   Keep bed linens clean and beds made.  
37.   Add decorative pillows to beds to make them feel special. 
38.   Depersonalize and decorate rooms in a neutral color scheme. 
39.   Organize your closets, remove unnecessary items and put in storage 
40.   Keep the lawn mown, trimmed and raked.
41.   Remove any dead plantings from gardens.
42.   Prune trees and shrubs. 
43.   Clean and shine all exterior accessories such as doorknobs, mailboxes and lamps. 
44.   Paint all entrance doors.
45.   Place a new doormat at your entrance. 
46.   Make certain the doorbell is working. 
47.   Be sure the front, screen, and garage doors work perfectly.